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White paper and source code

Outdated version v0.7.3

Code repository: dapp, smart contrats and whitepaper

2 minute recap

Transfer your files and cryptoassets

1. Upload content into capsules

Each capsule is composed of "memories" which are files you can upload or create directly in-app, and cryptoassets, including cryptocurrencies and/or other tokenized assets.

2. Assign people to the capsule

Add people from your contact list to each capsule. For redundancy, its better to add as many contact points per beneficiary as possible. They may also be updated at any point.

3. Setup capsule conditions

After setting conditions, there isn't much else to do. Once the conditions are met, the live-man's switch is triggered. Your capsules' messages will be sent and the files and assets will be accesible.

Ethereum technology


  • Memories such as letters or videos (hosted at IPFS or on your own multi-device list)
  • Ether and ethereum tokens (ERC20 or other standards)
  • Cryptoassets / smart-property of any object (according to the local laws)


Setup your memory capsules and modify them in few, simple steps.
The dapp will be a responsive design accesible on web and mobile devices.

Or for a fully decentralized experience, download the portable version and run locally.


Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, the service is guaranteed to last for the enteirety of the ethereum's timespan.

A decentralized version with self-hosting files on multiple devices and locations is planned for a future version.

Founding Team

Felipe Faraggi


Entrepreneur ​/ ​Python / Vyper /
Solidity ​Documentation Contributor

Vicente Almonacid, PhD


​Network ​and ​Communications engineer

Guillaume Figielski


C.S. ​Engineer ​/ ​Solidity ​/
​V.R. ​Professional


Adrian Brink

Core Developer & Head of Community
Tendermint & Cosmos

Julien Bouteloup

Entrepreneur - Blockchain and AI developer
SW & HW engineer.

Rafael Mery

Professor of Law and Economics

Christina Frankopan

Special Projects @colony
Venture Partner
FRSA, MCISI (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments)

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